The Lists Process

The Process Behind TheFounder Lists;

a) Commence the phase of open submissions for entrepreneurs categorized by age, encompassing diverse participants from various countries and categories;
b) A selection committee termed as the "Nominee Selection Panel," established by the Organizers, deliberates and concludes on the outstanding founders qualifying for inclusion in the list.
c) The roster of nominees is unveiled to the public, inviting them to actively participate in the voting process.
d) An executive voting body known as the "Executive Voting Panel" contributes 40% towards the cumulative voting outcome, while the general public exerts a 60% influence during the voting phase, collectively determining the preeminent founders to be featured in the list.
e) Subsequently, the finalized list is disseminated, and the compelling narratives of all the included founders publication on TheFounder platform as well as its affiliated media outlets;
f) There will be no physical event held for these lists.